Empowerment Through Leadership: Nurturing the Next Generation

Unlock Your Leadership Potential: A Leadership Development Group Based on John C. Maxwell's "The Leader's Greatest Return"

Course Summary

Unlock Your Leadership Potential: A Virtual Development Group Based on John C. Maxwell's "The Leader's Greatest Return" 🌟

Are you ready to harness your leadership potential and inspire others to greatness? Join our exclusive Virtual Leadership Development Group, inspired by the profound insights of John C. Maxwell's "The Leader's Greatest Return". This program is designed to transform you into a leader who not only excels personally but also propels others to new heights. 🚀  

Program Structure: 📅
Our journey spans six bi-weekly meetings, each lasting 90 minutes, where we cover two pivotal sessions. Designed to fit the demanding schedules of aspiring leaders, this format ensures depth of learning and application. Our first gathering is a special kickoff meeting, setting the stage for an impactful leadership transformation. 🌱  

Sessions Outline: 📘  
Identifying Leaders: Uncover the secrets to spotting potential leaders around you.  
Attracting Leaders: Learn how to draw influential figures to your leadership circle.  
Understanding Leaders: Master the art of connecting with leaders before attempting to lead.  
Motivating Leaders: Discover strategies to inspire leaders to contribute their best.  
Equipping Leaders: Acquire the tools to train leaders for excellence in their roles.  
Empowering Leaders: Unlock the potential of leaders under your guidance. 🔓
Positioning Leaders: Learn how to strategically place leaders to amplify their impact. 📈
Mentoring Leaders: Develop the skills to elevate leaders to their next career milestone.  
Reproducing Leaders: Foster an environment where leaders are inspired to cultivate other leaders.  
Compounding Leaders: Experience the ultimate reward of developing leaders – the exponential growth of your organization and its people. 💥

Why Join? 🤔  
Expert Guidance: Each session is crafted around Maxwell's transformative concepts, ensuring you receive insights tested by time and top leaders' experiences. 🎓
Interactive Learning: Engage with like-minded individuals in a collaborative environment that fosters growth and exchange of ideas. 🤝
Practical Application: Move beyond theory with practical exercises and real-world applications to cement your learning.  
Networking Opportunity: Connect with aspiring and established leaders, creating a network of support and opportunity. 🌐
Personal and Professional Growth: Elevate your leadership skills to new levels, benefiting your personal development and professional trajectory. 📈

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your leadership and amplify your impact. Space is limited to maintain an intimate setting and enhance learning experiences. Reserve your spot in our Virtual Leadership Development Group and start your journey toward becoming the leader you are meant to be. 

Course Curriculum

Mary T Ricketts

I am honored to be the founder and CEO of Turning Point Training & Development, LLC.  I have over 10 years of training experience from small groups to large classes with 40 participants. (Including middle and high school workshops). With over 25 years of corporate experience and over 10 years of entrepreneurship, my team and I work diligently to deliver every course with excellence. Enjoy every on-demand course, live courses, and live webinars.  We hope to make an impact across the globe by providing needed and affordable training to every business community.  

Course Pricing

  • Empowerment Through Leadership: Nurturing the Next
  • $297 USD

    Empowerment Through Leadership: Nurturing the Next

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  • Kickoff meeting April 23, 2024 4:30 pm CST
  • Required material: "The Leader's Greatest Return", John C. Maxwell
  • Bi-weekly sessions: Tuesdays 4:30-6:00 pm CST