Empower360 Coaching Program

Redefine Your Success & Unlock Your Full Potential

Program Summary

Discover a world-class coaching experience tailored exclusively for ambitious women, seeking to elevate their career, leadership, and personal growth. The Empower360 Coaching Program is designed to unlock your full potential and help you create a life of purpose, passion and fulfillment.

We celebrate and support the unique journeys of women as they navigate their personal and professional lives.  Our program is specifically designed to address the challenges and opportunities faced by women, providing a comprehensive and personalized coaching experience.  Through one-on-one sessions, group workshops, and access to exclusive resources, you'll gain the clarity, confidence and tools to achieve your goals and live your best life.

What You'll Gain from the Empower360 Coaching Program:

1. Personalized Coaching
2. Comprehensive Approach
3. Skill Enhancement
4. Clarity and Confidence
5. Resilient Mindset
6. Work-Life Balance
7. Exclusive Network
8. Continuous Growth

Don't miss this opportunity to redefine your success and create a life you truly love. Sight up for the Empower360 Coaching Program now and embark on the journey to extraordinary growth and achievement.

Coaching Curriculum

Mary T Ricketts

I am honored to be the founder and CEO of Turning Point Training & Development, LLC.  I have over 10 years of training experience from small groups to large classes with 40 participants. (Including middle and high school workshops). With over 25 years of corporate experience and over 10 years of entrepreneurship, my team and I work diligently to deliver every course with excellence. Enjoy every on-demand course, live courses, and live webinars.  We hope to make an impact across the globe by providing needed and affordable training to every business community.  

Stephanie Womack

I also have 20+ years of experience in training, coaching, mentoring, and management.  Late in 2018, I started a part-time private practice as a provisionally licensed counselor in the states of Missouri and Kansas and transitioned to a full-time private practice in January 2020.  I enjoy working with couples and individuals struggling with relationship and communication difficulties that lead to a variety of mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety.  As a Prepare Enrich Facilitator, I assist engaged and married couples strengthen and enrich their relationships. 

Coaching Program Monthly Fee

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